Darah Poetry Font

Scope of work:

Custom Typeface Design

Start Date:

September, 2023


February, 2024

The APN’s font deeply reflects the identity of the center, complementing the story that began with the design of a distinctive logo inspired by ancient Hijazi inscriptions. This font aims to have an impact beyond Arabic speakers, targeting a broader global audience. This step is seen as a continuation, connecting the foundation not only with the world of poetry but also with various other artistic dimensions.

The design of the Arabic Poetry Foundation’s font letters was inspired by ancient manuscripts written in the Mus’hafi and Mashreqi Kufic script with a touch of modernity. It is characterized by a strong personality and flexibility. This approach allows us to offer options that blend geometric harmony, distinctiveness, and simplicity.

Weights and languages:
APF font consists of six weights and supports the Arabic language.

The font is used in headlines, body texts, social media, websites, and print materials.

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