King Salman Park Foundation Font

Scope of work:

Custom Typeface Design

Start Date:

January, 2023


November, 2023

About the project:

King Salman Park, the largest urban park in the world, sits at the heart of Riyadh and offers a wide range of activities, from arts and culture experiences to sports, innovation, and entertainment features.
Launched in 2019 by King Salman bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, King Salman Park sits at the heart of Riyadh. As the largest urban park in the world, it will offer a wide range of activities and experiences for visitors of all ages.

The Park’s vast open green spaces make it a desired venue for hosting sports and cultural events, and artistic and recreational activities, while its relaxing environment enables visitors to experience nature. The Park also includes an Islamic-style garden, vertical gardens, a maze garden, and a bird and butterfly sanctuary.

In addition to its cultural and recreational offerings, King Salman Park’s design has sustainability and environmental protection in mind, with goals to increase the vegetation in the region and raise the rate of per capita green spaces.


King Salman Park Font targets a diverse age group ranging from children to youth and seniors. It will be used in various places including signboards, printed materials, and websites, among others. Therefore, our main focus in designing the font was to draw letters that are characterized by simplicity, readability, and familiarity to the reader. Thus, a hybrid font design was adopted, combining the characteristics of the Naskh script, which addresses human nature, with the modern Kufic script familiar to Arab users due to its prevalence in most visual designs as it is the dominant type in Arabic typefaces. The letter design combines the geometric solidity of Kufic with the fluidity of Naskh, along with special letter features employed from elements used in the logo.

Weights and Supported Languages:
King Salman Park Font consists of five weights and supports both Arabic and English languages.

The font is used in headlines, texts, social media, websites, and printing.

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