Hespress Font

Scope of work:

Custom Typeface Design

Start Date:

November, 2023


December, 2023


Hespress, the leading online newspaper in Morocco, has managed to dominate the media landscape since its inception in 2007. It is distinguished by its comprehensive and multilingual news coverage in Arabic, French, and English, earning the trust of Moroccan citizens as the primary and most reliable source of news.

Providing rich and diverse content ranging from articles, videos, analyses, and programs, Hespress focuses on major journalistic genres including investigations, reports, and interviews. Its content is constantly updated around the clock, seven days a week.

Hespress also leads the Moroccan digital media scene with a strong presence on social media platforms, attracting over 35 million followers worldwide and welcoming more than 20 million monthly visitors to its various platforms and social media accounts.

Owned by MarocAds and employing over 100 journalists and correspondents, Hespress is capable of delivering professional global and regional news coverage.

Backed by a team of experts in various fields, the newspaper aims to deliver refined and sophisticated content quickly, efficiently, and easily to Moroccan and Arab followers, anytime, anywhere.

The newspaper covers local and international news in detail, keeping up with current issues with accuracy, credibility, and transparency.

Hespress believes in the importance of the media’s role in promoting awareness and educating societies. The newspaper strives to be the primary source for breaking news, comprehensive analyses, and inspiring stories that enlighten readers.

Hespress Font is a modified version of Tarek Font, combining the characteristics of the Naskh script that addresses human nature with the familiarity of modern Kufic commonly used by Arabic users. Its letters are distinguished by simplicity, readability, and familiarity to the reader. The letter design seamlessly combines the geometric solidity of the Kufic script with the flexibility of the Naskh script, incorporating adjustments to certain original letters to customize it specifically for Hespress digital media.

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