Custom Type For Your Brand

Custom fonts are a great way to make your brand stand out from the crowd and create a unique identity that is instantly recognizable.

Our custom typeface services

Modification of Existing Fonts

Modifying an existing font involves starting with a pre-existing typeface as a foundation. This could be a font that is already commercially available or one that has been designed by TSfonts type studio.

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited installations
  • Option to add new languages
  • Font name can be customized
  • Two-week turnaround for modifications
  • All font formats included (OTF_TTF_WOFF_WOFF2)

Custom Fonts from Scratch

Creating a new font from scratch involves starting with a blank canvas and designing each character and glyph individually. Designers have full creative control over every aspect of the font, from letterforms to spacing and kerning.

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited installations
  • Font name can be customized
  • Project duration: three to six months
  • All font formats included (OTF_TTF_WOFF_WOFF2)
  • Darah Poetry Font

    February, 2024

  • Hespress Font

    December, 2023

  • Bllor Marketing

    January, 2021

Interested to design your own typeface?

At TSFonts Type Studio, we understand the power of personalized typography. Let us collaborate with you to create a font that not only speaks volumes about your brand but also becomes an integral part of your visual identity. 

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