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  • ⚠️ Sometimes, there might be an issue with the way letters connect; this problem is visible only during website previews and not in the actual font.

  • Asatir Font


    The Asatir font belongs to the display typeface category, where the primary study in designing this font was how to construct a complete Arabic alphabet from a single shape, which is evident in all the letters of the font, as they all contain a spiral shape.

    Asatir font resembles an ancient historical font that tells a fictional story or legend; its letters are based on the Kufic Fatimi script, distinguished by its engineering and the peculiarity of its letters, while ensuring readability and making them as close as possible to the original letter shapes.

    Before designing this font, we posed the question: Can a complete alphabet be designed from a single-letter shape? And the answer is YES. We present to you the culmination of the study under the name Asatir.

    Designed by:
    TSfonts Type Studio / Tarek Alsawwa

  • Standard

    Users: One, Devices: Two
    Formats: OTF File

    Price: $30

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    Users: Ten, Devices: Twenty
    Formats: OTF_TTF_WOFF Files

    Price: $300

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    – Unlimited users
    – Unlimited installations
    – Ability to modify 15 characters
    – The font name can be customized
    – All font formats included (OTF_TTF_WOFF_WOFF2)

    Price Starts From $900

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