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  • Aldarwish Font

    The Darwish Typeface is a revival of the best form of the glorious eighteenth-century Qandusi Script. We chose the most distinguished letters from the ancient manuscripts and modified them to be consistent with Typography.

    The Typeface’s name is derived from a common term for righteous Sufi ascetics, as the scholar Al-Qandusi was known to be.

    Muhammad ibn Al-Qasim Al-Qandusi Al-Jaza’iri was a Sufi scholar and a famous calligrapher in Morocco. He created a style based on the simple Maghrebi Andalusian script and used it to write a 12-volume Qur’an, which is kept in Morocco’s royal treasury and is named after Al-Qandusi.

    The Qandusi script is characterized by its contrast of letter thicknesses and the remarkable customizations that reflect a rare beauty that combines old and

    Past and present are brought together in the Darwish Typeface; in terms of beautiful appearance and distinctive functionality, traditional and modern values are encapsulated all at once.

    Designed by:
    TSfonts Type Studio / Shaymaa Hitou / Tarek Alsawwa

  • Standard

    Users: One, Devices: Two
    Formats: OTF File

    Price: $100

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    Users: Ten, Devices: Twenty
    Formats: OTF_TTF_WOFF Files

    Price: $500

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    – Unlimited users
    – Unlimited installations
    – Ability to modify 15 characters
    – The font name can be customized
    – All font formats included (OTF_TTF_WOFF_WOFF2)

    Price Starts From $4000

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