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  • ⚠️ Sometimes, there might be an issue with the way letters connect; this problem is visible only during website previews and not in the actual font.

  • Split Font

    Split is an Arabic font with a childish design. Its cute letters can be added to friendly and colorful illustrations for kids, comics, sweets packaging, or video tutorials for younger audiences. The youthful spirit of Split is contagious, so you can extend your work and feature it in textbooks, social media posts, and ads while keeping its colorful tones.
    FREE for personal use.

    Weights and Supported Languages:
    It is available in one Weight
    It supports the Arabic language

    Suitable for headlines, comics, sweets packaging, social media posters

    Designing & Developing:
    TSfonts Type Foundry
    Tarek Alsawwa

  • Standard

    Users: One, Devices: Two
    Formats: OTF File

    Price: $0

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    Users: Ten, Devices: Twenty
    Formats: OTF_TTF_WOFF Files

    Price: $100

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    – Unlimited users
    – Unlimited installations
    – Ability to modify 15 characters
    – The font name can be customized
    – All font formats included (OTF_TTF_WOFF_WOFF2)

    Price Starts From $1000

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