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  • ⚠️ In some cases, there may be a slight spacing issue between letters. This problem only appears during the preview on the website and is not present in the font.

  • Zunburk Font

    Zunburk is an Arabic variable traditional Naskh typeface with weights ranging from thin to bold. This typeface is distinguished by its ability to control seven variable axes, allowing users to access multiple letterforms within the same font. It introduces new ideas and features related to connected letters and is primarily targeted toward motion graphers.

    Zunburk typeface includes seven variable axes:

    – Weight Axis: Ranging from thin to bold, enabling precise control over letter thickness.

    – Cursive Kashida Axis: Allowing for either straight or cursive tatweel within the same font, contributing to diversity and serving user flexibility.

    – Contrast Axis: it offers a dynamic and visually engaging reading experience.

    – Bowl Size Axis: Enabling adjustment of the size and shape of wide bowls, promoting balance and aesthetics.

    – Bant Size Axis: Applicable to all mentioned variables above, providing significant flexibility to the font.

    – Slant Axis: Allowing the user to control the font slant in two directions.

  • Standard

    Users: One, Devices: Two
    Formats: OTF File

    Price: $100

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    Users: Ten, Devices: Twenty
    Formats: OTF_TTF_WOFF Files

    Price: $1000

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    – Unlimited users
    – Unlimited installations
    – Ability to modify 15 characters
    – The font name can be customized
    – All font formats included (OTF_TTF_WOFF_WOFF2)

    Price Starts From $6000

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